Trailer TPMS

Realtime Monitoring for your Trailer Tires –

If you’ve ever had a trailer tire blow and cause damage to your RV, then this tip may be of interest. Our tire failure was on a new trailer down near Marble Falls, TX (260 miles from home) and we had no ideal until a passing truck pointed it out. You certainly don’t expect a tire to come apart on a new RV with less than 5,000 miles on it, but it happened. The resulting damage almost $2,000.00.

While planning our annual summer trip North, we purchased a TireMinder Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Booster (4 Wheel TM66-M4 Kit) from Camping World. The installation was fairly simple even with the 12-volt requirement for the signal booster (tapped the 12-volts from the front television). Once installed you get both tire pressure and temperature for each tire being monitored. Should the tire develop a slow leak or rapid deflation, you will get an alarm on the monitor inside your tow vehicle. After our 3,000 mile trip I can say that the peace of mind knowing the tires were in good shape was worth every penny spent on the system!

If you tow vehicle does not have TPMS, then you can simply add additional transmitters (up to 22 for our monitor). And, this system can be added to any RV to help make you trip safe and enjoyable.

-Bob Tassan