Stairs for Your RV

Stairs for Your RV –

If you have knee, hip, or other joint issues; you’ve likely considered that there must be an easier way to enter/exit your RV than the standard stairs. With a wider step secured to the ground you’ll find Port-A-Steps one of the offerings in the marketplace worth considering.

Port-A-Steps (from: attach to your existing RV top step to create a top deck and easily accessable stairs. Handrails help complete a lightweight and compact system that is easy to install or take down in seconds with no tools.

Constructed from strong lightweight aluminum with non-slip surfaces they can be set up in seconds and fold for transport and storage. Each step is 7 inches from step to step. Handrails are included and easily installed for additional support. Adjustable legs allow for changes in height and terrain.

Port-A-Decks are free-standing yet portable platforms that allow easy door level access to all types of RVs. They can easily be accessed via the Port-A-Steps for a complete RV entry system.

-Bob Tassan