RV Closet Rod Woes

Keeping your clothes from winding up on the floor –

If you’ve ever wound up at your destination and found the clothes in your RV closet on the floor, then this tip may solve your problem. RV closet rods are often secured on the ends, but lack support in the middle – typically a couple of brackets with small screws into thin paneling (note that the screw has pulled out of the manufacturer’s support bracket and is no longer functioning to support the rod).

So, adding a 1″ x 4″ vertical support board should solve the problem. Measure the floor to the bottom of the rod to determine the height required, then add 2″ to the board before cutting the slot for the rod. Add a 2″ x 4″ block 4″ long at the bottom and screw it into the closet floor. Then screw the support board at the bottom and at the top – checking level to make certain it give the maximum support.

-Bob Tassan