About Us

47th Anniversary Dance

Our club was formed on July 4, 1969 to enjoy the best of both worlds – dancing and camping. In September 1969, we incorporated round dancing into our program and in November 1969 officially revised our bylaws to become a Square and Round Dance Club. We meet once a month in various RV parks within 100 miles of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. While the majority of our folks own and camp in RVs, this is not a requirement for membership. Most campgrounds have cabins available and hotels are always nearby to accommodate our non-camping members and visitors.

Every time we meet, we enjoy fun and fellowship!  The weekend starts Friday morning with some members playing golf while others find time to tour, shop or relax. Friday night, the “Come As You Are Dance” is followed by dancers and guests joining in a number of fun-filled games.  At noon on Saturday everyone sits down to enjoy a pot luck feast with no one leaving hungry.  Games, crafts, dance workshops, touring, shopping, or resting are activities that follow on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night, our members dress in square dance attire and fill the hall (Note: in June, July, and August we are dress casual).  There are always snacks during the Saturday night dance and more games are played following the dance.  Sunday morning begins with a devotional followed by our group breakfast in a local restaurant before we head for home.

To help enhance our square dance experience, spread fellowship and support our the square dance community, we are pleased to be active members of the following: